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If you made it to this page you are obviously doing what a smart shopper should do – go outside the company’s website and do your own research.  On this page you’ll find multiple reviews from REAL people who have taken Healthe Trim and what they experienced.

While our research has found over 185 positive Healthe Trim reviews, Healthe Trim did not work for everyone, that’s why we recommend trying the product BEFORE you buy a full bottle. Everyone is different and everyone responds to supplements differently.

What Do the Healthe Trim Reviews Say?

The first thing you’ll notice when reading these Healthe Trim reviews is that most people chose Healthe Trim because of its natural and safe formula.


The thing about healthe trim that I like is that it is all natural, and that it also works. I pop one in the morning when I wake up and don’t have an appetite until 12ish. I’ll eat a bowl of cherreos, wait one hour, and pop another one. I’ll be good until aroun 5pm, then I’ll have a turkey sandwich, and thats it. I am full of energy when I go to the gym, I lift great, cardio is excellent and best of all there is no side effects since I started using it

pfizzle –

Hey , I have been taking healthe trim for 2 months now. I only needed to lose 10 pounds and i did fast, but I still take it Not to lose weigh but for the energy it gives me. i also have a heart condition and im on heart meds . My doc said that it was safe to take too, that made me feel good.  I did get nausious but when i took it in the morning with lots of water and a banana it made a world of differance

alanadecastro –

Okay, update after 1 week. The stuff works. It’s amazing how well it curbs your appetite. After reading the directions to take two pills in the morning upon waking up and not eating for 2-3 hours, I thought there was no way I’d be able to do it, but surprisingly, you get your morning boost of energy and your hunger goes away. Even when you eat, you fill up much faster. I took two pills in the morning for 6 days (skipped Sunday since I slept in so late), and I lost 10 lbs. While I made a conscious effort to not eat garbage, I didn’t limit myself to any particular foods, and I didn’t count calories/carbs or anything. And this all despite a long week at work in which I didn’t get any exercise in except for Monday

Hobnailedboots –

Looking For More Information on Healthe Trim

Here you will find a comprehensive guide for Healthe Trim (usually misspelled as healthy trim), the natural weight loss supplement that claims to be a “revolutionary thermo-energy booster” that will make you “high school skinny”. As we age, our metabolism slows down, and our energy levels decrease, making it difficult to maintain a high school weight!

According to Dr. Oz, hoodia, the main ingredient of Healthe Trim, really does help curb appetite! It is a plant-derived substance that increases the amount of energy available to the brain and has become more and more popular in recent years.

Other ingredients are supposed to increase energy. Healthe Trim will increase weight loss by stopping cravings and eliminating lethargy. The idea is that calorie counting isn’t necessary because the supplement is supposed to decrease appetite and simultaneously increase metabolism.

Not surprisingly, the Healthe Trim website is full of glowing reviews and svelte people holding up their comically oversized pants. But will it help YOU lose weight? This website aims to answer your questions and provide unbiased reviews from real customers. We’ve investigated to provide quality, credible research on this popular weight loss supplement.

Healthy Trim Ingredients: What’s in it?                        

Natural ingredients that promise to suppress appetite, boost energy, increase metabolism, and promote fat loss. What are these magical ingredients? Hoodia Gordonii. Green tea leaf extract. Resveratrol. Caralluma fibriata. Coix seed. These components are supposed to work together to suppress appetite while giving a “youthful, focused energy boost.”

We spell out all the Healthe Trim ingredients. We’ll also tell you what each component does to help curb appetite and stimulate metabolism.

Is It a Scam?

Dozens of TV commercials and pop-up internet ads are hawking shakes, pills, and diet plans that promise to melt away pounds. Unfortunately, most people who buy these products end up with lighter wallets and a scale needle that hasn’t budged.

Is Healthe Trim any better? We detail the evidence that Healthe Trim is not a scam and provide links to testimonials from real, satisfied customers.

Pros and Cons

Our Healthe Trim review covers everything we’ve learned about Healthe Trim during our systematic website review. It will tell you what to expect from Healthe Trim: how it makes you feel, what it doesn’t do, and what will happen if you take the product consistently.

Does Healthe Trim work?

This product claims to increase energy, fight fatigue, destroy fat, and tone sagging bodies. Does Healthe Trim really help do this? We’ve compiled the most useful Healthe Trim reviews by combing through social networking sites and reading dozens of testimonials on websites that sell Healthe Trim so that you don’t have to!

How does Healthe Trim work?

Although the makers of Healthe Trim say you don’t need to count calories, they do offer several suggestions on how to optimize the effects. These include drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, waiting 2-3 hours to eat breakfast, and adopting a balanced diet and a daily exercise routine.

Some people might find cutting out caffeinated beverages and artificially sweetened beverages challenging. This includes coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks. Healthe Trim even recommends eliminating decaffeinated versions of these products!

Where to buy Healthe Trim

This product is available in brick-and-mortar stores and through several websites, including Buying directly through the company website will run $54.95 per bottle of 60 capsules (a 30-day supply). Buying in bulk can save money. Purchase 2 and the third is half price ($137.38 for 3 bottles). Buy 5 bottles and get the sixth free ($274.75). However, note that the second deal does not save any more money than the first! Check out our list of where to buy Healthe Trim at the lowest price.

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